A town with singular rugs and a circular Castle

Highlight: Arraiolos Rugs are a singular handicraft product originating in Arraiolos during the 16th century. It is uncertain who started the embroidered stitch known today as Arraiolos, whether they were nuns in a convent or if it was a moorish heritage. It is true that they are still made today by the hands of skilled women in the town and villages around. The history of this town is therefore closely related to the carpet productions. The decorative motifs are mainly inspired by Turkish, Persian and Indian rugs, keeping the oriental taste that characterized the mannerist and baroque period. Besides that, Arraiolos has a unique circular castle, built in 1305 and a historic center where the popular architecture with whitewashed and blue houses is of the most typical of Alentejo.

Special: In this tour you can do a workshop* to learn the Arraiolos stitch.

Main attractions: Church of Mercy and its blue tiles. Rug's Interpretive Center. Town Hall Square. Castle. Arches house. Church of Salvador. Matriz Church. Mala-Posta House. Church of St. Romão. Rug's stores. Historic center.

Person  1 or 2   |     3    |    4    |    5 
                50€     70€   85€    95€

**Price includes entrance in the Rug's Interpretive Center.

For groups the price is 120 € without entrance in the Rug's Interpretive Center.

*Workshop 55 € per person with materials included and duration of 2 to 3 hours.

Duration: walking tour 2 hours. A full day with workshop. Lunch not included.

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