An unusual Roman Temple

Highlights: The tour begins with an interpretation of the ruins of the Roman Temple of Santana do Campo and the surrounding landscape. I present a hypothesis for the location of this temple to be related to water - an idea that arises in the context of my master's thesis: "Water Paths: customs, knowledge and hydraulics in rural Alentejo "and deepened in recent interviews. This is followed by a 4 km walking tour with an interpretation of the landscape and a visit to an old public spring that was used by people from the village until recently. Finally we visit an ancestral menhir, unique in the portuguese megalithic context, due to the engravings on pre-christian crosses, locally known as Pedra das Gamelas. Possibility to visit also the Coelhas Dolmen.

Special: Typical meal at a local restaurant.

Main attractions: Roman Temple, Santana Church, gothic statue of Santa Ana, popular architecture, public fountains, landscape, Gamelas Stone, Coelhas Dolmen.

People 1 or 2 |  3   |   4   |   5   |   6   |   7
               70€ 85€ 100  115   125   135€

Includes transportation, water and fruit.

This tour is not available for groups.

Duration: 3h. Alternative tour.

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