Cork, Clay and Marble
One day, three towns, three products: Azaruja, Redondo and Estremoz

Highlights: Alentejo was known as a civilization of clay and cork is its noblest raw material. Visiting the potteries of Redondo, the oldest and most important potter center in the region, reveals a part of everyday history where you can better understand popular culture. At Azaruja we visit a cork factory where you can learn about the different processes and the most varied products made of cork, all about cork applications, as well as the observation of some old cork oak trees. We also visit a marble quarry in Estremoz, with the support of a geologist guide-interpreter who teaches us all about marble and its extraction.

Special: Lunch at a typical restaurant. Market of antiques on Saturday.

Main attractions: Potteries, Redondo castle, Landscape, Ossa hill range, Convent of S. Paul, Castle and main square in Estremoz, Marble Quarries, Cork, Cork oak trees, Cork factory.

People   1 or 2  |    3    |    4
                70€    90€   110€

Includes transportation.

This tour is not available for more than 4 people.

Free lunch.

Duration: One day. Cultural tour.

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