Cromeleque of Almendres and Zambujeiro Dolmen

Highlights: The Cromlech of Almendres is the oldest Stone Age monument in Europe, around 7000 years old. Near this monument there is an isolated menhir related to it which is also visitable. The function of these megalithic monuments is still unknown to experts. During the visit we interpret the symbols still visible on some of the rocks and the possible functions of temples like this. Finally we visit and interpret the Zambujeiro Dolmen, which is also the largest in all of Europe. We still visit the former Convent of Bom Jesus de Valverde and a landmark of a Roman path. For a more complete visit we can go to the Évora Museum where we can see artefacts that were found in the places we visited.

Special: Typical lunch at a local restaurant in Guadalupe.

Main attractions: Cromlech of Almendres. Menhir. Zambujeiro Dolmen. Panoramic view to Evora. Landscape. Cork Oak trees. Convent of Bom Jesus de Valverde from the 16th century. Evora Museum.

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Transportation is included.

This tour is not available for more than 7 people.

Duration: 3h. Pre-history tour.

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