Water Paths
Traditional ecological knowledge about water in rural Alentejo

Highlights: The region of Alentejo, until the middle of the twentieth century, was an arid land, and because of this, people acquired knowledge to manage water very well, developing over the centuries what can be considered a water culture. I was interested in better understanding the popular wisdom of water, so I dedicated my master's thesis to this subject. This is a walking tour through the main water points of Arraiolos, such as the monumental fountains, and is mainly a pedagogy of water through the interpretation of local ethnography and the observation of the environment. You can learn how to use the senses to identify fresh water.

Special: “How to make Açorda”: gastronomy workshop and meal at a local restaurant.

Main attractions: Monumental urban fountains, wells, tanks, water springs and other hydraulic structures. São João Fountain. Former Convent of Lóios and Church of Our Lady of the Assumption with blue tile panels. Santa Justa Fountain. Roman bridge. Biodiversity. Panoramic view and landscape interpretation.

Person 1 or 2  |   3   |   4   |   5   |   6    |   7
               50€   70€ 85€ 95€ 105€ 115€

Includes water, fruit and maps.

Maximum up to 10 people - the value is 125 €.

Workshop is 55 € per person with the meal included.

Duration 1h30.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours, walking tour, ecological tour.

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